Here is some of the equipment that is designed and produced by EBC.

EBC is specialized in equipment for the handling of raw material in bulk such as plastic pellets and PVC, when these are moved in ISO containers.

Machinery from EBC is employed in various countries across the world and have proved fully functional in even the harshest environments.

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Rotary feeder ER2G18

ER2G18 is the name of the rotary feeder that has been designed and produced by EBC. The rotary feeder is from the very beginning designed to be mounted onto a container chassis, it is not a modified industrial machine.

The ER2G18 is different from other rotary-feeders at several points and it has got some unique features.
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Equipment for containers

EBC has developed and produced a series of parts that can be used with the ER2G18 rotary feeder. This equipment is used to establish a secure connection, with no leaks, between the rotary feeder and the container being emptied.

The equipment is compatible with most containers used in transportation af products in bulk. Standard  ISO containers, steel bulk containers and aluminium bulk containers, are some of the containers that easily can be connected to the ER2G18 rotary feeder. [Read more]


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